Midweek Meditations 2

Namaste, little Weaz

If you’re participating in 25 Days of Yoga, I hope you’re enjoying it. It’s day 10 for me, and I feel great.

Here are some things that have jumped out at me this past week in my yoga readings from Meditations from the Mat:

If you need a better reason to give yoga a try…

“When I was a kid, there was a sense of magic all over the place. I used to love fairy tales. But you get into adulthood, and it’s gone. There was a real hole in my heart, and that started to feel like a hole in my life. Yoga filled the hole, and it renewed my faith. There is magic, there is guidance, there is spirituality, there is God.” – Natalie G., yoga teacher

If you think yoga is only physical…

“I came to yoga for the cross-training benefits, but after a while a few classes turned into more. I didn’t see the effects right away, but the, all of a sudden, I was doing things that I could never do before.” Vicki E., yoga student

“Again and again students say they come to yoga to work on their flexibility, or to tone their abs, buns and thighs, but that something else has kept them coming back. Something else has blossomed in their hearts. Yoga opens the door to the life that we have yearned to live.”

If you have trouble holding poses when it gets tough…

“The first year and a half of yoga was really hard, emotionally and physically, and I wanted to quit. There were so many painful things, I somethings didn’t know how I would get through class, but I stayed with it. I think some of what I was learning by sticking with yoga was also helping me to learn how to stick with my partner. I worked on not leaving when the going gets tough.” -Martha M., yoga student

If you find yourself jealous of more advanced students…

“Yoga was the one area in my life where I didn’t compete. I’ve settled into being a student. I am willing to learn, but it’s not about getting better, or better than the person next to me. Now I admire other students for their dedication.”


3 thoughts on “Midweek Meditations 2

  1. This book sounds really good, maybe I’ll add it to my Christmas list. I challenged myself in 75 minutes of yoga this morning, and my day is already better even though I am super busy.

  2. I agree agree agree. As competitive as I am by nature (I try and only sometimes succeed in channeling it in positive ways), the only time i find myself looking at others in the class is when I’m unsure from verbal instruction where my body should moving towards. its funny i draw on the energy from others in the room but its like i’m only vaguely aware of that presence. I don’t feel myself watching them or them watching me.

    on another note, there was one day i missed in this 25 days business, because it was one of those 8AM-10PM days, but i’m not gonna let myself stress about it. i might have to repeat that to myself a few times lol

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