PB & Grape


Man, oh man… I hate me some grape jelly. I think it is by far the worst of all the jellies/jams (strawberry being the best, obviously).

This doesn’t stop me from putting fresh grapes on my peanut butter toast, though. Oh no, it does not.

Haters gon' hate.

This also didn’t stop me from eating my body weight in this bad boy as a child:

What dreams were made of in 1992.

Speaking of 1992… I just heard a fellow university student announce her birth date: January 31… 1992.


When observing my campus population, one of these things is not like the others… that thing is me.

10 thoughts on “PB & Grape

  1. OMG. 1992?!??! Just to give you an idea of how old we were in ’92…

    The top songs of 1992 were:
    1. Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You
    2. Boys II Men – End of the Road
    3. Kris Kross- JUMP
    4. Sir Mix-A-Lot- Baby Got Back
    5. Vanessa Williams – Save the Best For Last
    6. RSF- I’m Too Sexy
    9. Mariah Carey- I’ll Be There
    12. Madonna – This Used To Be My Playground
    14. TLC- Baby Baby Baby
    16. Eric Clapton- Tears in Heaven
    18. En Vogue – My Lovin (You’re Never Gonna Get It)

  2. I started high school in 1992. :-(

    So, where do you land on boysenberry jelly? Strawberry is usually my favorite as well, but a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm won me over on the mighty boysenberry. (I tried boysenberry pie, though, and that was repulsive.)

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