Did it All for the Cookie

Cookie time!

Last night’s cookie extravaganza at Brittney’s house turned even this Scrooge into a happy little holiday elf.

Here I am being helpful

I woke up this morning ready to be home for Christmas, wandering around in my pajamas for days on end and not once stepping foot outside in the snow. Two more weeks…

I had a really wonderful time last night. In attendance: Jen, Kelly, Jessie, Cindi, Caitlin, Jen, Lindsay, Andrea and most importantly:


Look at that little nugget in his festive winter wear.

Caitlin may or may not have tried to dognap him

There was a LOT of food…


Jen's nut pate was awesome

My non-cookie food. (times 2)

It's cocktail tiiiiime

But you don’t care about food… or vodka. We’re here for some damn COOKIES.

Jen's cranberry cookies

Kelly's ginger snaps

My loot

I couldn’t sample everything, but I did put away Cindi’s brownie-stuffed chocolate chip cookie (YES), a million of Jen D’s candy cane chocolate bark things, my own salted chocolate-caramel cookie and Jen M’s first vegan baking experiment.

As predicted, I did throw up this morning. I’m not even kidding. I bet I haven’t been sick in well over a year. I think it had a lot more to do with how quickly I inhaled my breakfast, how nervous I am about the final I’m clearly not studying for and how early it was than with how much sugar I ate last night. But I feel a lot more hardcore when I say I ate Christmas cookies until I puked.

On that note… Happy Holidays! Who wants a cookie??

13 thoughts on “Did it All for the Cookie

  1. I love the title of this post and I can’t get the song out of my head…

    “I did it all for the cookie, (come on) the cookie so you can take that nookie?” haha

  2. Those chocolate gooey shortbread Martha Stewart things that you made were RIDICULOUS! I can still taste them – sooo good! Hope you’re feeling better now – I was definitely in sugar shock that night.


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