Caturday 12/11/10

Good work, Ralph.

Happy Caturday! Did you notice today is 12/11/10? I only did because I typed 10/11/10 into the title and thought, ” Aw maaaan, I missed 10/10/10.” But then I realized it’s not October. I’d like to start by saying that this week I was made aware that this exists: Cat Workout. That is all.

Aaaaalso, sometimes I get the feeling La Weaz gets all the attention on Caturday, so here’s a tribute to all the hard work Ralph puts in each day as a cat.

Like Tim Gunn, she critiques all of my outfits… even Halloween costumes.

Make it work.

She guards the house…

Mostly I just want dinner.

And she warms the bed…

I'm just sleeping. Do not disturb.

What about me?

Look what I tan do!

I tan wead. What zis say?

So you see? Cats aren’t just animals that walk around your house. They do things all the time…

Look at Katy’s Samson using his body to make sure the back of the couch is level.


And making his rounds on Christmas Eve.

All in a night's work

Samantha’s cat folds laundry…

And keeps it toasty warm.

Hannah’s Jack and Charlie are just awesome.





In closing, Stew’s grandpa sent me this delightful cat vs. bird video and Ralph is going nuts trying to figure out where the chirping bird is…

4 thoughts on “Caturday 12/11/10

  1. Thanks for using the pictures! The post is so cute and I love the captions. The boys are definitely enjoying their 15 minutes of fame :) Have a great day!!!

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