Aurorae Yoga Mat Review

Aurorae mat

I recently received a mat from Aurorae, which came at an ideal time considering Weasel has been shredding my others with her eager little claws.

I have three mats all purchased from TJ Maxx for about $15 each–two Aeromats, which I’m not terribly fond of but have done the trick for two years, and more recently a Yoga Rat, which is hands down my favorite.

At $45 MSRP, the Aurorae is no doubt the most expensive. It’s also the thickest of my four, with big fat bubbles for support.

Fat mat

The mats come in six colors, which they claim illuminate your personality. If this is the case, I am now: intuitive, faithful, visionary, energetic and healing. Thank you, pink mat.


I noticed immediately that this mat has more of a matte finish than my other shinier ones. In using it, my first comment to Stew was that it was surprisingly slippery, which may be due to this matte finish. This must be something they’re aware of though because it also comes with a slip-free rosin bag, which is basically a little canvas pillow filled with chalk that you dust over the mat.

Slip-free rosin bag

If you’ve ever seen weight lifters or gymnasts dusting their hands with chalk, this is pretty much the same idea. It worked wonders and instantly eradicates the slip issue.

In all, I think the Aurorae mat is a quality (albeit expensive) item. For me, the slip factor isn’t an issue since I use a slip-free towel over my mats for hot yoga anyway. But if you were planning to sweat on this without a towel, you’d wash away your slip-free chalk pretty quickly.

One of the things I like most about the brand is the owner’s story. He turned to yoga after surviving cancer and says, “I am not an instructor or a yogi, just a dedicated student that has enriched his life through yoga and understands what the regular everyday student needs in their yoga practice.”

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From the manufacturer:

Aurorae yoga mats include illuminating colors, focal point icon, extra long and extra thick yoga mats as well as yoga bags, and yoga accessories. Browse their best reviewed yoga mats, yoga bags and yoga accessories for all your yoga needs.

4 thoughts on “Aurorae Yoga Mat Review

  1. I’ve heard great things about Aurorae yoga mats but for now, it’s a little out of my price range to spend so much when I can get a decent one for $15. Love the colors, though!

  2. slippery yoga mats = bane of my existence

    i used yoga mats from kmart and/or target for 5 yrs, but last year i finally sucked it up and bought what i considered an insanely expensive one, a jade yoga mat that was i think $80ish dollars. it was painful to make the transaction (i’m very frugal) but i have to say i use it every day and appreciate it so much. it’s the perfect amount of sticky- even when i’m super sweaty i don’t slide. i had never been able to go as deep into warrior 2 as i do now. i’m a big proponent so if you ever need to ask for a present or have extra money lying around (ha). i will only buy jade mats now, which makes me feel like a yoga snob… but i still don’t own anything from lululemon so i’m ok, right? :)

  3. 1/4″ thickness = win in my book. if mine was any thinner than that i wouldn’t be able to do any wrist-supported poses at all. (in fact, i fold the top of my mat down so i get 1/2″ support!) do you think maybe washing it down or something would help it become sticky? i’ve heard of people doing that with mats that are slippery at first.

  4. This is definitely too pricey for me, but maybe something I’d buy down the road or ask for for a present. I saw you blog about the YogaRat mat that you found at TJ Maxx and I found myself one there this past Friday. SO much nicer than my old cheap Target mat, and I’m perfectly happy sticking with this one for a while. This one does look nice and thick, though. Speaking of yoga, I also ordered that Body by Bethenny DVD you reviewed as your favorite and just tried it this morning. Love it. Definitely my favorite yoga DVD that I’ve tried. Thank you for such great reviews, Katie!

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