Beeritas for Christmas


I’m not much of a drinker, but I do fall into the: this-birthday/holiday/celebration/end of finals-calls-for-a-DRINK category.

So when I took my final final on Saturday afternoon, I announced on the way out the door that I wanted Mexican food and tequila–two things Stew hears me say so rarely, I’m sure he was just thrilled to partake in the adventure.

It's Christmas!

My foodservice final was a breeze and I came home to find that Christmas came early at our house. We were planning to skip a tree since we’ll be at my parents’ house for the actual holiday, but Stew could tell I was just a wee bit miserable every time I said (sounding just a bit like Eeyore), “We don’t need one.”

An artist’s rendering of me saying we don’t need a Christmas tree:

Wamp waaaamp

So Stew went to Michael’s while I was at my test and got a baby tree, which he decorated with a lone pine-scented car freshener. Perfect.

I got a Livewell 360 bag!


Livewell 360 Core bag

I love it so much.

Stew got a Blu Ray player!

We also did cute little stocking stuffers and the cats got a vegetarian cat treat mix that I suppose I’ll be baking for them sometime this week. It was a delightful little holiday.

So now that our Christmas is over, we can focus on important things… like:


We had dinner at Loco Lime, which feels kind of like your standard Mexican joint (with the cheap prices and tacky decor to match), but the menu is waaaaay better. I asked for a sangria but the waiter got confused and brought a beerita (a margarita made with a beer). It was awesome. The beer cuts the nauseating sweetness of a standard margarita.

I had veggie tacos

Stew had the veggiechanga

And table-side guacamole. Obviously.

It was awesome, but I just couldn’t eat it all. That’ll have to wait until next time I finish a semester of full-time school, full-time work, a graduate associateship… and blog maintenance. Whew. I’m not ready for January.

10 thoughts on “Beeritas for Christmas

  1. Lucky you on the Core bag! :)

    That’s the exact Blu-Ray player I’m looking at getting Tristan for Christmas… Is it up and running yet? Work well?
    Costco has it on “sale” through the 19th, but I haven’t purchased it yet.


    • it was awesome. if i may, *clears throat*: “Our vegetable enchiladas are filled with sautéed Portabello mushrooms, roasted corn relish, sweet plantains, grilled zucchini, and topped with your choice of green tomatillo, white queso, or citrus chili red sauce garnished with queso fresco. Served with rice and refried beans.” omnomnomnomnom

      • good job on posting the right description, stew: 12″ fried flour tortilla stuffed with sweet plantains, refried beans, rice, mixed mexican cheeses, roasted corn relish, Portabello mushrooms, and grilled zucchini. Topped with your choice of green tomatillo, white queso, or citrus chili red sauce garnished with queso fresco. Served with honey citrus cilantro slaw, guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

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