Bloggers and Dirty Santa


Last night I attended a big giant NC/SC blogger get together arranged by Teri. After a long string of emails, we finally decided on The Cowfish (which I may or may not have pushed recommended… obviously).

In attendance: Jen, Nicole, Diana, JessieBrittney, Tanya, Lori, Michelle, Heather, Jackie, Teri

That’s a lot of bloggers. Cowfish was cool enough to present us with a boatload of free appetizers, including the crab rangoon dip, avocado tuna-tini, edamame, Ahi tuna nachos and sweet and spicy Thai cucumbers.

My appetizers

Our servers were also great. I have a soft spot in my heart for people who deal with large-party tables… not to mention one with food bloggers who have a slew of dietary restrictions and special requests. Good work, guys!

In between appetizers and entrees we did our Dirty Santa gift exchange. I brought an insulated lunchbox, which Lori ended up with, and I was lucky enough to nab a set of three Crate & Barrel plates and a cute little spoon courtesy of Teri. I loooove them.

I was all set to order another build-your-own sushi roll but at the last second went with the stuffed eggplant sans cheese.

It looks funny but did not disappoint.

Stuffed eggplant, rosemary potatoes and broccoli

Love love love.

Since I’m going on week two without a camera, my phone has been holding down the fort as resident blog documenting device. As a result I have limited photo evidence that this night even took place. But I did have a wonderful time talking with everyone and getting to know some new people.

I’d also like to give a giant shout out to Francesca who was the first person to ever “recognize” me and make me feel as famous as I ever will in my life. Thanks for saying hey, Francesca!

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