Yoga with Ralph

This series if Ralphie-approved!

So Ralphie’s been thinking, and she thinks I talk a lot about yoga but don’t give people anything they can actually work with. So here’s a series that will give you thighs of steel. You are welcome.

Just this week I told Stew very matter-of-factly that I could crush his ribs with my thighs if I wanted to, and I believe this to be true. Those are small bones. These are strong muscles. You do the math. I have the leg power of a clydesdale and I have yoga to thank for this. So next time you need something crushed, you know who to call.

I hate when people turn to yoga only to stretch or work on abs or tighten a butt or get super thighs, but if that’s what it takes to reel you in, so be it. Here’s your thigh workout. But don’t come crying to me when you realize that yoga has changed your life beyond your physical body. Actually do. Do that.

Want to crush things with your thighs too? Try this:

Thigh-Master Warrior Series

[But first! I am not a yoga teacher. This is just a standard series I've seen at every studio I've ever practiced in and every video I've ever reviewed. For real yoga guidance go to a real studio (preferably this one) and work with a real RYT-certified teacher.]

But if you’d like to play with this at home, I’m not stopping you.

Hold each pose for 10 seconds. Try to work up to 15 seconds, then 20, then 30… then A MINUTE. And then come find me because I’d like to shake your hand.

Start in downward dog

Raise your left leg high

Swing it under your body. Hold 10 seconds.

Place it down next to your left hand

Turn right foot out. Rise up to Warrior 1

Open to Warrior 2

Reach left arm back for Peaceful Warrior

Move left arm to inside of left leg for Side Angle

Back to Warrior 2

Swivel right foot and lift onto toes for Crescent Lunge

Bring hands to heart center

Twist over left knee anchoring with right elbow

Back to Crescent Lunge

Bring arms down

Step left foot back to high plank

Lower through Chaturanga (pushup w/elbows in tight)

Lift to Upward Dog

Press back to Downward Dog

Repeat on right side.

Do your thighs hurt yet?? Let’s go crush things…

14 thoughts on “Yoga with Ralph

  1. I’ve also seen the same series, only when you bring your knee in the first time, you swing it back out and bring it in a total of three times (once to the middle, once to each elbow) before continuing.

  2. Great series. My favorite is when Ralph moves around you — she adjusts you, right? — in the second Crescent Lunge and transition to high plank. That cat has skills.

  3. I’m going to do this series tomorrow night! Thanks for posting it!

    The class I went to last Saturday was so hard and such a great thigh workout. Yoga is definitely not just for stretching and abs!

  4. Your poses look AMAZING!! And I say that in the straightest way possible.

    Also, you said “do do”. Even though you tried to separate it in two different sentences… I read it as “do do”.

    “Actually do. Do that.”

  5. this was great! I just did it and boy did I feel it in my thighs! ITs INCREDIBLY embarrassing how non-flexible I am…
    I actuallly really want to get into yoga.. do you think you could send me some exercises to increse flexibility so I will be able to do more and get better?

  6. I’ve been toying with the idea of yoga for a while, and this post has totally fired me up to investigate about it. I don’t know where to find a place to do it yet, but hopefully I will.
    Your posts are always great (=


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