Amelie's Does No Wrong

Thai coconut soup and spaghetti squash tartine

When Amelie’s announced on Facebook that yesterday’s soup was spicy Thai coconut, Stew announced that we’d be dining there that afternoon. No complaints here.

I’d just gotten a hurry-up-and-turn-in-your-work-so-we-can-invoice-this-client-ASAP email from work so I knew a little Amelie’s action would speed the process along. I work better in public places. Both silence and music alone make me crazy, but background chatter and music together do the trick.

The key to productivity

I worked for a bit, bailed and went to yoga, came back, ate the spicy Thai coconut soup, which was significantly less spicy than the spaghetti squash tartine that I paired with it, and wrapped up my edits. I hate editing, by the way.

Because I wasn’t full enough and because I’d forgotten what it’s like to be at Amelie’s and not be studying or have somewhere to be early the next morning, we rounded out the evening with a trip to Dolce Vita for half off glasses of wine.

What sounds like a dessert bar, looks like a coffee bar and feels like a surf shop having an identity crisis is actually a wine bar that, after just one visit, is pulling ahead as one of my favorite Charlotte destinations.

Makulu Moscato

What I love about this place is that it’s stocked with one hell of a wine selection but lacks the hoity toityness of your standard wine establishment and wine-drinking crowd. Sign me up.

I had two glasses of Makulu Moscato, a fruity but not too sweet white “with light effervescence.” Love.


Greek pizza

We split some small plates and, despite my complaints I was still hungry, called it a night. I’m very much looking forward to moving.

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