I Forgot I Made Socca

Socca a la Pure2Raw Twins

I almost forgot I did this last week. Being out of school and one job makes me feel like time has stopped and the earth orbits around my bed, where I spend most of my hours these days. Hello, winter depression.

Anyway, I’ve been ogling the socca on Pure2Raw since Lori and Michelle first started raving about it. What could be wrong about a chickpea flatbread cooked in olive oil? Nothing.

So with chickpea flour, water and a pinch of salt, I made the leap into socca obsession.

Tah dah

I’m not quite so sure I did it right, but it certainly tasted amazing so I’ll take it.

Stew seems to think it’s tastes like… turkey. I’m not kidding. This is nonsense, but I swear that’s what he said. As in… “When are you going to make that bread that tastes like turkey again?”

Never. But I’ll probably make socca again soon…

2 thoughts on “I Forgot I Made Socca

  1. Mmm, I also have been wanting to make this for MONTHS… I think I have starred each socca post they have! :) yours looks tasty awesome too! I need to do this. … but I don’t really like turkey. HEE !

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