Beans and Bread

Let's clean out the kitchen...

Since we’ll be Christmas traveling starting on Wednesday, it’s time to clear out the kitchen or risk massive food waste. We actually don’t have many perishable items teetering on the edge of extinction. Tonight’s use-what-you’ve-got meal had more to do with the fact that I don’t want to go grocery shopping than with the fact that our canned and dry goods must be consumed NOW.

I sauteed kidney beans and lima beans in olive oil and pesto and added tempeh, shredded carrot and chili flakes. This was served atop fair trade quinoa alongside a spinach salad with a dressing Stew whipped up and croutons I toasted from my baguette that’s nearing the end of its days.

Few things in this world are more perfect than beans and bread… namely a combination of the two on the same plate.

I’ll be eating this until I board the plane…

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