My Tacky Sweater Party plate

Today I woke up determined to not be worthless. Going from work + school + associateship to… nothing has left me feeling quite off.

Anyway, I went straight from my bed to yoga and thought things were going pretty well. But after that I went straight back to my bed and slept for three hours. My winter depression has settled in thick and heavy like the stanky gray cloud that’s been hanging over South Carolina the past few weeks. Yesterday the sun came out and I bolted outside like an escaped mental patient. Vitamin D!

But things picked up tonight when I attended Jen’s Tacky Christmas Sweater party.

The hostess

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Topics covered ranged from douching with bleach (don’t do that!) to John Tesh’s sexuality (totally straight), Delilah’s race (totally white) and my Jessie Spano-esque experience with caffeine pills (don’t do that either). And there may or may not have been a cinnamon eating contest. Hilarity.

The spread

There was so much food. I was thrilled. Jessie’s butternut squash pasta was awesome and Jen’s egg nog cheesecake was killer.

Jen's egg nog cheesecake

I brought a quinoa salad and apple muffins. Photos of my own food might have been wise…

I looked a hot mess in this $7 shirt from Sears. It features a cat atop a pile of presents.

Oh dear

But Lindsay’s husband took the cake for ugliest sweater in his handmade light-up reindeer ensemble.

Jen's dog looks like Ralph in dog form.

Diana brought her famous dough balls elaborately arranged as a croque en bouche…

Diana's dough balls

And we had a merry time attacking them like paprazzi.

Flashy... lights?

Three more days of losing my mind with nothing to do then it’s off to Chicago for Christmas. How many tacky sweater parties have you attended this season?

4 thoughts on “Tacky

  1. Katie, I’ve been in the same funk since school ended. It’s been torturous to make myself do ANYTHING. I thought I’d feel relieved and revived. Nope.

  2. Good seeing you last night! I guess I’ve only been to 2 ugly Christmas sweater parties and both were last night! lol Btw your muffin made for a fabulous breakfast today. So glad I got one last night! :) Thanks!

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