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The Worst of 2010

While the blog world is busy making “Best of 2010″ lists (and maybe I’ll do that too), I thought I’d take pity on 10 of my least viewed posts of 2010 and try to throw some traffic their way. I don’t make a damn penny off this site, so that’s not really the issue. The issue is that you’re hurting the blog’s feelings.

This is coming from a girl who couldn’t play with one toy at a time because she thought the others would feel left out… and who also felt the same way about even more inanimate objects like napkins and plates. When one is used, the others are sad. Please don’t make my posts sad.

Sweet Tater’s Least Viewed Posts of 2010

  1. The Crab Vending Machine – Leave it to China to dole out live crabs like a bag of Fritos
  2. Sting Ray for Dinner? – The cownose ray better watch his back because the Virginia Marine Products Board has it in for him.
  3. Ellie Krieger Cooks a Big Mac – Food Network’s resident Registered Dietitian embarrassed herself and the entire profession with this blatant display of McDonald’s advertising dollars at work.
  4. This Actually is Boring – I eat a tempeh sandwich… again.
  5. Blueberry Frog Frozen Yogurt Owned My Soul for a While – The west coast can take Pinkberry and shove it. Blueberry Frog is where it’s at, y’all.
  6. I Wasted Untold Hours on Etsy… Again – Posting recaps is almost as good as buying things. Almost.
  7. Mrs. Q is Fed Up with School Lunch – You may not know that my school food obsessions led me to find mysterious Mrs. Q back before she was famous for anonymously trying to take down school food from the inside.
  8. Why Trans Fats are Bad and How You Know They’re in Your Food – Looks like sommmebody is back in school.
  9. Easy Oat Crackers – This is really a fantastic recipe (not mine). Five ingredients. Do it.
  10. Vegan Chocolate Ginger Pie – This recipe from Aarti veganized by me deserves some attention. I think it’s probably in the top three desserts I made this year.

And there you have it. Arguably the worst posts on the blog this year.

You are so very welcome.

6 thoughts on “Posts You Didn't Read

  1. i don’t know whether to comment here or at the original post (ack!), but i ALWAYS get the same thing as you at blueberry frog! mmmm…

    and i hadn’t seen about the food network-mcdonalds relationship before. ACK.

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