Snow Time

We maaaaade it

We’re here. And so is the snow.

I had a cold set in yesterday, so my flight looked a little something like this:

Vitamin C

Sparkling water and white chocolate curry cashews

I just love food

This was my first experience with EmergenC and there won’t be a second. No one ever needs 1600 times the RDA of vitamin C. I’m sorry. I know it exhibits low toxicity (the median lethal dose is 11.9 g per kg body weight in rats), but I still just don’t need that much. Give me an orange.

The cashews were something I dug up from the depths of my backpack leftover from finals. White chocolate and curry might not sound like a delectable combination to most, but I assure you it is. Stew disagrees. Strongly.

The book, Turning the Tables by food critic Steven Shaw, is enthralling… to a big ol’ food nerd. While I’m unimpressed by Shaw’s ability to nab a table at a fully booked, high-end New York restaurant (he’s a damn VIP everywhere he goes, after all; this is not something I can swing no matter how many tips he throws my way), I do love following him along as he gets behind the scenes and into the logistics at places like Tom Colicchio’s Grammercy Tavern and NYC’s massive Tavern on the Green.

Though you’d think he would turn up his nose at humble hot dog carts and the like, Shaw is actually equally as interested in the inner workings of such foodservice establishments.

I say all the time that my all time favorite job was waitressing. I just love everything about the whole intricate operation. It’s a good read if you’re into understanding restaurants beyond the food.

Stew loves snow

I like it for a day or so

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