Seasons 52: Winter

Farmer's Market Vegetable Plate

When my dad picked us up at the airport yesterday, he suggested we stop at Seasons 52 on the way home because it’s “the only place Tater will eat.” Fair enough. He said he took my sister to Portillos (for Chicago dogs) when he got her, so this was a far better choice in my opinion. Obviously.

I ate at Seasons 52 earlier this year when I was on my Girls’ Weekend in Florida, and I got the exact same thing I had last time: the winter vegetable plate. Seasons changes their main menu every, er, season… and the specials menu changes weekly. Hence, the name Seasons 52. My plate had:

  • Golden beets
  • Carrots
  • Asparagus
  • Cranberry tabbouleh
  • Grilled tofu
  • Butternut squash
  • Roasted Bosc pear (best ever)

Dad's pork taco flatbread

Stew's veggie sandwich

Everything on the menu is under 475 calories, which is pretty light for a full meal, in my opinion, but once you add an appetizer, a couple drinks and one these little shot glass desserts, you’ve got a decent little meal that won’t make you want to unbutton your pants.

Shots of dessert

I had the chocolate coffee one, Stew had rocky road and dad had carrot cake.

Dad works the lights

Dad busted out the flashlight on his phone to help me out with the restaurant’s dim lighting.

Some things never change

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