Christmas Eve Eve

Ready for Santa... or tequila.

Twas Christmas Eve Eve and all through the house

The liquor was flowing


Photobombed by Dad

I borrowed my sister’s blouse

I have no clothes

Mountains of food were laid out on the counter with care

Sure we cooked it

Very "Home Alone" of us

While visions of Oreo balls danced through our heads


With Dad playing video games

Wii have so much fun?

And Mom playing host

Cassidy used to be little

We’d just settled in for the holiday toast

Skinny Girl margaritas

When out at the bars there arose such a clatter

It beckons

We drove (soberly) straight to them to see what was the matter…


Today awake and in pain with my throat swollen shut

I realize staying healthy for Christmas, I did anything but.

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