Caturday 12/25/10

Merry Cat-mas! From Ralph and Weaz, with love

Merry Christmas Caturday from the frigid north! Our yard looks a little something like this right now:


Don’t worry. Ralph and Weaz are toasty warm down in South Carolina. Though I hear they’re about to get hit with about 4 inches sometime today… Of course we finally get snow after we leave.

My Christmas Grinch heart grows three sizes and then shatters into a million pieces every year when I have to leave the cats alone for the week. Well, not alone. Who do you think I am? Jen and Brittney are holding down the fort as the resident cat ladies, which I appreciate sooo much more than they know. Leaving pets is the worst.

They tried to convince me to bring them.

I is a present?


And SOMEBODY even stowed away, but I found her.

Nuffing to see here.

But I don’t think they mind having me out of the house.

We don't.


Because, after all, Christmas is kind of a busy time for them.

Santa Weaz

Santa Ralph

Shhh. Don’t tell them I told their secret. And do NOT tell your cats the truth about Santa. They’ll be crushed.

Merry Christmas!

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