Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas!

I think this has been one of my most favorite Christmases on record. Stew is here and my sister’s boyfriend Colin came, too, so it was fun to have a nice big crew around.

This ornament from 1985 is proof that I’ve been called Tater since the day I was born:

Tater on the foot

In addition to just really enjoying having everyone around, I also got some awesome stuffff…

Chef coat!

HD Flip!

Babycakes cookbook!

Cooking classes!

Looks like somebody’s determined to make a chef out of me after all.

I also got loaded down with survival gear for my trip to Nicaragua in March, including:

A snake bite kit!

A foon! (fork-spoon, AKA spork)

Plus a hammock with built-in mosquito net, battery-operated fan/light and travel pillow. I’ll be the most comfortable person in the whole jungle.

Hilarious highlights:

Hot Tater

Of course.

Hope you and yours had a lovely day!

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