All the Scuttlebutt

Veggie burger

Though I’ve been made fun of for being “too soft” after moving south and frequently reminded throughout this particular trip that we are experiencing a “heat wave” with temperatures above freezing, I would like to quickly complain about how cold it is here.

Lake Geneva

That’s Stew standing on a damn lake. Nonsense. Stew loves this snow business, and while I can appreciate it for a few days once a year around Christmastime, I’ll take heat any day of the week.

My family celebrated the end of the holiday season with an obligatory burger run. Everyone does this, right?

We trekked up to Wisconsin so Stew could stand on a frozen lake and my parents could get the infamous Scuttleburger from Scuttlebutts. [I MUST give a shout out to Aubrae for always saying "What's the scuttlebutt?" as if it's not a hilarious thing to say. You should eat here.)


I was surprised to find a veggie burger on the menu–your standard Gardenburger brand. Nothing to write home (or complain) about.

We also started with onion rings.

Yeah boyeeee

And this bottle of ketchup was full when it arrived at our table.

We're embarrassed

But not as embarrassed as we are when mom breaks out her new reading glasses WITH HEADLIGHTS.

Stew demonstrates

This is my ridiculous life.

Tonight Stew and I met up with my friends from high school (all male–does this say something?) and unless those jerks are big ol’ liars and do not read my blog like they claimed, I must also give a shout out to: Tony, John and Greg. But not Mike because he didn’t even know I had a blog. (Y)

3 thoughts on “All the Scuttlebutt

  1. I totally read your blog. Just so you know. I also saw that my blog received 20 hits from your link back. Maybe I’ll have to give you some press too.

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