Caturday 1/8/2011

Woe is Weasel

Happy Caturday! The cats were devastated to hear that I’ll be returning to my regularly scheduled ridiculous life of classes and work (minus one job) on Monday and we’ll no longer be able to spend day after day lazing around in the bed.

Ralph swimming through blankets

At first I was stressed out by my lack of things to do with all this time off (I’m not good at “relaxing”), but after about two weeks of driving myself crazy trying to come up with productive things to do, I settled on a life of reading in bed and watching TV… with cats.

I dus yuv zis show.

When we weren’t being utterly worthless, we were eating.

Pass me some a dat.

And drinking…

What uh zis sing?

You’re welcome for the cat voice captions. The written word simply does not do it justice, but only a select few are allowed to hear it. Sorry.

We discovered lots of glorious things in our reading/TV-watching adventures. We read Plenty, On a Dollar a Day and Heaven is for Real, all of which are good, quick reads that’ll make you think whether you want to or not. Our TV selection is not so noble. If you are not familiar with the Hanukkah Fever, perhaps you should watch this and then just TRY to tell me that Ralph doesn’t look like the angry newscaster at 1:11…

Angry Ralph

Angry newscaster

Something tells me they’ll carry on this life of TV and sleeping without even noticing I’m gone.



4 thoughts on “Caturday 1/8/2011

  1. I am much more of a dog person than a cat person, but your caturday posts amuse me to no end. I love them! Hope all goes well with the transition back into your crazy busy life.

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