Salad 101

Salad that doesn't suck

I’ve talked about this before when I outlined the Anatomy of a Salad, but since restaurant salads continue to suck, let’s review it again.

Salad 101, Anatomy of a Salad or…

How to Make a Salad Worth a Shit

Greens – Obviously. Lots of them. I will confess that I like crunchy iceberg and romaine more than I like soft organic greens and spinach. I compromise by using a little of each so I get my crunch and my goods all in one bite.

Grains – I’m sorry, but Katie cannot live on vegetables alone. I need something else in there. Whole grains do the trick for me. Think brown rice, quinoa, millet, etc.

Veggies – Copious amounts. Anything your little heart desires. Pile it on. I actually like to roast mine first. Yep, I still call it a salad.

Protein – Here’s a no brainer. Vegetables pack, hm, like a whopping 20 calories per cup? Your bowl of goodness won’t even break 100 calories if you don’t pump it up with some protein. I like tempeh, tofu, beans and nuts. Not all at once. Well, yes, that would be delicious.

Fat – Last but certainly not least, FAT. For God’s sake put some fat on your salad. Do you know your fat-soluble vitamins? You’re about to… A, D, E, K. Your vegetables are rich in these vitamins but you have to consume fat in order for your body to absorb them. I like avocado, olive oil and nuts.

Still not sure how to make a salad that’s worth a shit? See Emily’s post about calorie counting to create a substantial salad and Gena’s post about building a meal-sized salad.

In my salad tonight:

  • Romaine
  • Celery
  • Green beans
  • Red quinoa
  • Nuts
  • Kidney beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Tofu
  • Full-fat dressing (homemade honey mustard)

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