Back to School

Muesli and coffee

After three days free of classes in the first week back to school, my university flipped the bird at Mother Nature and announced: “We will be operating on a full schedule Thursday, January 13.”

The only problem I see with this (other than me being thiiiiis close to getting the full first week off) is everything. The roads have re-iced over and it was all I could do to not fall flat on my face trying to take Waldo out for a poop last night (which, by the way, he strategically placed on the SIDE OF A LAMP POST).

So far, so good as dog people… so far. He’s only peed on one (indoor) wall and that was after seeing Weaz for the first time.

Ralph and Weaz have spent their time sitting about three feet away staring a hole through the poor dog’s soul. Their curiosity is encouraging though. I was concerned they’d be hiding under the bed or hissing in his face for two weeks.

Stew’s on zookeeper duty while I’m at work all day followed by a night class.

I fueled up with a bowl of muesli and decaf coffee. (Can you “fuel” with decaf? I do.)


  • 1/2 c oats – $0.07
  • 1/4 c nuts – $0.37
  • 1/4 c raisins – $0.24
  • 1 c almond milk – $0.50
  • Raw buckwheat, coconut, cinnamon – $0.10*

Grand total for one bowl – $1.28

*Estimated price

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