Breakfast on the Run

PB&J toast. Coffee.

I like being back in a routine. The cats, however, miss the good ol’ days where I sat in bed with them for a month straight.

My mornings now look like this:

  • Feed cats
  • Walk Waldo (Hooray! Poop!)
  • Feed Waldo
  • Work out
  • Shower
  • Make breakfast
  • Eat it

But on days like today when I’m 30 minutes behind schedule, breakfast will be consumed in the car on my way to lab.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast on the Run

  1. I’m getting into a morning routine involving the gym before work, so my mornings are starting to look a lot like yours (minus the dogs and poop, plus giving cat his medication).

    I’ve been checking in often lately and it looks like you are doing a great job with budget eating! I’m looking forward to hearing how that continues to progress.

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