Caturday 1/15/11

Something is amiss...

All is not well this week at Caturday headquarters. AnĀ impostorĀ is among us:

Not a cat!

Though Waldo is doing everything in his doggy power to fit in here with a raging cat lady and her two (starter) cats, I know at least two of us are not fooled:

Keep your distance, dragon beast.

Ralph and Weaz are spending their days as high up as they can get so they can keep an eye on the dragon below.


Oh. Hey.

I don’t know why they think he’s a dragon. And to explain how I know it’s clearly me saying it but that it’s in the voices, language and personalities (completely separate from my own) that I created for them would lead far too many to conclude that I suffer not only from catladyosis, but from dissociative identity disorder, as well. I know I’m not the only one who has a voice for my pets, but I am probably the only one who speaks in it 90% of the time and makes it damn convincing. We had an exchange this week that went something like this:

Stew (to Ralph): Hey Ralph, how was your day?

Me (as Ralph): Ohhh you know.

Stew: [Affirmative nod]


Stew: Sometimes when you answer as Ralph, I really think it’s Ralph.

It is, fool! [I also made this video that won't convince ANYONE I'm sane... Cats in Snow]

I’ve been impressed with the cats’ reaction to Waldo so far. They’re by no means cordial hostesses, but they haven’t been overly aggressive or overly timid. Weaz is VERY intrigued by the new dragon in the house, but not enough to really get close to him. She likes to sit about three feet away and stare a hole through his soul. Ralph just keeps her distance.

Both have gotten outrageously clingy whenever I come around.

We saved you a seat.

But mostly they’ve just been sleeping it out… kind of like waiting it out but with sleeping instead of waiting.

Oh Ralph

Viva la Weaz

When we wake up, he’ll be gone.

Except maybe he won’t. Because we totally love him. Waldo truly breaks my heart and is as strong a case as I’ve ever seen against euthanizing shelter animals. I teared up tonight just looking at him.

This poor, sweet creature has had a terrible life. His face, throat, chest and legs are covered in scars. His big, dangly Basset-esque ears are jagged at the ends from being hacked (or bitten?) off. He can barely see, barely hear and walks with a limp. He’s horrendously overweight and his teeth are rotted away. And whoever treated him so poorly decided to put him through it for a miserable 10 years before abandoning him at a shelter where he would obviously be killed.

The world has not been kind to old Waldo, and yet… His tail still wags. His eyes still shine. And he is as trusting of and loyal to two strangers who met him 48 hours ago as he probably would be to the dickwad that abused him for so long. That’s probably the saddest thing to me: That despite a life of mistreatment, Waldo still has faith in humans at all.

He doesn’t owe anyone that kind of enduring loyalty, and yet, he has held on to some shred of hope that someone will return the favor one of these days.

17 thoughts on “Caturday 1/15/11

  1. Gahh so heartbreaking! He seems like such a sweetie. You guys are doing a great thing–everyone should foster and adopt!!

  2. Love the Caturday pics, as usual – and I can see how Waldo would make you want to keep him, for sure. I’m not sure anything makes me more angry than people who abuse animals. Here’s hoping he finds a loving new home (or stays in yours) and becomes spoiled and adored.

  3. Makes me cry just reading this post. I cannot understand why people mistreat animals, especially when they are so forgiving like Waldo. Although he’s had a rough 10 years, I’m glad to know he is now in a loving home. Hopefully the cats won’t bully him ;)

  4. This post was so sad :( Just to let you know, we adopted our dog after we had our cat and although they never became BFF’s, they are completely fine around each other. Cats get used to it. May be a few incidents, but they learn to coincide for sure :)

  5. First: “catladyosis” – LOVE.

    Second: Maybe the cats know what he’s been through and that’s why they aren’t being aggressive. I’d like to think mine would be that chill around a dog, but surely I’m wrong. He sounds like such a precious animal. If I heard every story about every animal in the shelter, I’d have a zoo. You guys are doing the right thing!

  6. agh, to know that i would give anything to have a dog to love and take care of when someone has been out there doing that to Waldo for so long. rage.

  7. So sweet… I totally teared up reading that. Yes, I’m a sap. :)

    I love my pup, adopted from the Clt Humane Society, and can’t remember life without her.
    I hope Waldo gets a home soon. The no-kill shelters are great, but still pretty miserable places for an older dog. :(

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