Spicy Maple Tempeh

Maple tofu, lemon dill potatoes, beans and quinoa

Spicy is relative here. I think that the addition of a scant teaspoon of chili flakes qualifies as “spicy.” No one else does, least of all Stew.

But what a feast we had for lunch today. Despite being ready to eat around 11am, when it came time to prepare lunch I kept uncovering more and more things we needed to use up before grocery shopping tomorrow they perish.

The potatoes were sprouting eyes so I peeled those off, chopped them up, doused them in olive oil, lemon and dill and threw them in the oven at 425 degrees for about 30 minutes (flipping halfway through).

I always need quinoa for the week, so I made a big batch to get that prep out of the way, and our bag of cheap frozen beans was just begging to get out of the cold so I boiled that.

For the tempeh, I sauteed diced onion in olive oil before adding the tempeh, maple syrup, liquid aminos and chili flakes. I let it cook down for about 10 minutes, added veggie stock for moisture and let it go another five minutes or so.

So so so good. All of it. And cheap? Let’s see…

  • Quinoa – $0.13
  • Green beans – $0.25
  • Onion – $0.10
  • Tempeh – $0.56
  • Potatoes – $0.30
  • Maple syrup – $0.17
  • Olive oil, liquid aminos, chili flakes – $0.10

Total for my plate (I made enough for three+ servings) – $1.61*

*Leftover cupcake not included

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