Tempeh sandwich w/avocado and tahini slaw

This is a terribly (obnoxiously?) privileged thing to say, but no matter how much I eat, I just can’t feel satiated. I’m cranking up quantity of food, frequency of eating, amount of fat and protein, but to no avail.

For example, I ate this fat/protein-heavy meal approximately 45 seconds ago and I am still hungry and in need of a snack. I put a lot of thought into it too:

  • Bread, 2 slices – carby delight
  • Avocado, 1/2 – fatty mcfat
  • Tempeh, 1/2 block – proooootein
  • Tahini slaw, 2 globs – more fat/protein
  • Green beans – for good measure

Food food food

I’d call that a pretty well rounded, nutrient-dense meal. What gives?

I have had a few theories on my hunger:

  • Not enough fat – probably not, but I’m adding even more
  • Not enough protein – definitely not
  • Low on carbs – laughable
  • Not enough cupcakes – impossible
  • Dairy? – ding ding ding

I’ve never been a milk consumer, and I’ve never eaten much dairy, but I have cut cheese and yogurt out this past year, and I think my body might be asking for that. So I picked up a big ol’ tub of Fage yogurt and will see how that goes…

I’d really prefer to think that it’s just a result of not eating enough cupcakes but… we all know I’ve been eating plenty of cupcakes.

8 thoughts on “MORE FOOD

  1. I experience this too, especially if I’ve been working out regularly. It honestly does get kind of annoying, but I try to remind myself that it’s my body’s way of telling me it needs something. And I figure as long as they’re whole, healthy eats then it’s a good thing!

  2. Mmm… Fage!
    I’m about to crack into one of those myself, in a few minutes. I had a big ‘ol (but very poorly planned – veggies only!) salad for lunch today (I was in a huge rush packing lunch today and running out the house!) and am starving. Hello Greek yogurt with blueberries and homemade granola. :)
    I try to eat organic dairy as much as possible, but Fage is my downfall. I love it. Nothing else comes close. Soooooo wish it was organic. But, not going to stop eating it.


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  4. honestly, it’s probably because you don’t eat meat. do you eat any fish? i had this same problem after i’d been vegetarian for a while, esp. when i ate more vegan most of the time. it’s a common issue and some people find out they need to eat meat once in a while! i was disappointed, but i just try to find ultra-humanely raised meat and eat it only once in a while

  5. i’ve been stalking your blog for a few months. thought i’d say hi. i hate when people play doctor, but you kinda asked, so thought i’d share my experience. i had a similar problem a few months ago. i’m vegan so i refused to introduce dairy and i found that doubling my dark leafy greens helped. like an insane amount. those pre-washed bags of spinach/greens? i would put the whole thing in the blender and for one smoothie. after 2 weeks, the hunger went away. my theory is that i was low on some of the vitamins that are absent in the veggies, grains, and beans i usually eat. but of course, im no doctor, so who really knows…
    otherwise, once a month, there is always an insatiable factor. ahem.
    ;( good luck!

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