Only the soup is shmeh

Do you have a sound you make when something displeases you slightly but not enough warrant a real word?

My sound would be: shmeh. I don’t think I say it often, but that’s what I think in my head anyway. And that’s how I felt about Trader Joe’s split pea soup. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a canned soup, and I remember why. But last night I was just entirely too lazy to do anything else. I added black beans and quinoa, but to no avail. The soup is not good.

I had it with a tempeh sandwich with mashed avocado and tahini slaw. That was good.

Entirely unable to throw things away, I ate the remaining soup (and the exact same meal) again for lunch today.

You again.

You know what is good though? Trader Joe’s olive oil popcorn. A good 30 minutes after eating, Stew came into the kitchen, burst out laughing and marched me into the bathroom where I discovered the popcorn was so good that in my attempts to shovel it into my face faster, I was also throwing it into my hair.

No big deal.

2 thoughts on “Shmeh

  1. The equivalent for me is what I call “the bah! swipe”. Picture a guy in his 70s who’s told something he doesn’t think is worth the bother, and he just kind of swats at the air and turns away. I do that swat a lot. Like, when I go to the fridge and don’t see anything I like, I do the bah! swipe and go check the cupboard…that sort of thing. I’m trying to PAINT A PICTURE here and am probably failing.

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