Heavy on Awesome

Layer 1

Thanks to my weekly food prep extravaganzas on Sunday afternoons, today’s lunch was super easy to throw together. I’d already:

  • Washed and chopped celery
  • Washed and chopped romaine
  • Prepared quinoa
  • Cooked vegetarian chili

So all I really had left to do was throw it all in my lunch box.

Layer 2

Layer 3

Though the meal itself–veggie chili, quinoa, celery & sunflower butter, crackers, apricots, Raisinettes and a salad–packed a heavy dose of awesome, the true greatness lies within my salad dressing container:

Thanks, Jason!

After seeing my mini Patron salad dressing bottle, Stew’s friend Jason sent him home with this Blanton’s bottle for me last time he saw him.

I may start a collection.

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