Jade Yoga: Review

Jade Yoga eco mats and towels

Jade Yoga sent me some products to review, and without having actually used the mat in a class yet (I just got it five minutes ago), I can say I’m impressed.

Jade mats are made from natural rubber sources from rubber trees:

Yep, these exist.

Who even knew real rubber came from trees? Not I. Not only are the mats made from 100% natural rubber, they’re also made right here in the good ol’ US of A because owner Dean Jerrehian refused to outsource production to China just to save a buck. It doesn’t end there, oh no; they also plant a tree for every mat purchased.

Shall I continue?

Jade Yoga also supports a number of non-profit organizations around the world.

So… are the mats actually worth a crap?

(A tentative) YES!

Though I haven’t taken the mat to class yet (it’s packed and ready to go tomorrow), I can tell it’s a quality accessory. It’s a dense, heavy mat–much heavier than any of my others. The grip/stickiness is great–the best I’ve felt–and the thickness of the 3/16″ Harmony Professional I received provides just enough cushion.

I hopped on just to make sure:

Yep, it works.

They also sent along a microfiber towel that I’ll be interested to test out tomorrow since I’ve been getting pretty frustrated with my worn out Yogitoes as of late.

The mats come in a range of colors and thicknesses:


But I’m not going to play with you, these babies aren’t cheap. Ranging from $50 to over $100, Jade Yoga mats are, in my opinion, a bit of an investment. But if you consider the quality of the product and the company, it may be worth it to you.

At any rate, the Jade Yoga mat gets two paws up:

Ralph approved

Weaz approved

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5 thoughts on “Jade Yoga: Review

  1. OMG. jade yoga mats are my favorite. i wish they weren’t so pricey because i could use a new one. while they do withstand the test of time well, using it almost every day for 2 years does show. the stickiness factor basically changed my life though. my warrior 2 has never been deeper (it’s worn away a bit at the front and back the shape of my feet). but i can kind of justify the price tag since the company is so environmentally friendly. yay.

  2. My aunt gave me a purple Jade mat for Christmas and I love it! I forgot my towel one day and didn’t even need it, for a super hot flow class. Despite my copious sweat, i still didn’t slip!

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