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Dining hall salad

Nerd Alert: Today I represented the Student Dietetic Association at the monthly Dining Services Meeting to address such pressing issues as: lack of healthy dining options, lack of options for specialty diets, lack of labeling of healthy and specialty items and the on-campus Starbucks upcharging me $0.60 for a damn splash of soy milk. Important things.

The catch with attending one of these meetings is that you get a free meal in the dining hall. I’m game for free food, and this was my first time in a Winthrop dining hall since I bring my food every day. I confess I haven’t heard good things, but I wanted to see it for myself. I was pretty excited to see this:


Tofu isn’t exactly a cafeteria staple. Getting my hands on it felt a bit like a drug deal, but the point is: it was there, and I got it.

I managed to wrangle a suitable salad with: kidney beans, baby corn, squash, carrots, artichoke hearts, sunflower seeds, olive oil and vinegar. I topped it with a roll and some brown rice. It’s all healthy, yes, but it wasn’t that great. Only I would eat it is what I’m saying. That’s because I like clean, simple food. I don’t see many other students hopping on a meal like that. Plus, I was huuuungry a couple hours later.

Good thing I won $10 in campus cash a raffle at the meeting so I grabbed some lame snacks for my night class:


I missed my own food somethin’ FIERCE today. So I ate this glob of peanut butter later:


JK JK JK… That’s rubber.

The dining services people were really a pleasure to talk to. They are super responsive to student feedback and have been taking strides to offer healthier options. I’m looking forward to working with them.

Now I’m off to watch Oprah go vegan. I know the whole world has already seen it. Twitter told me…

5 thoughts on “Tofu Champion

  1. if you use a starbucks card (like, buy a giftcard and just keep reloading it), you get soymilk for freeee!

    also i emailed the director of the DH at FU because the menu said that a lot of the soups without meat in them were still made using beef or chicken broth and asked if those items could either be labelled as not vegetarian or if they could just use all veggie stock…and they switched to all veg stock! power to the people!

  2. Good for you! I was so lucky to go to a college that made and served its own food, most of it really clean. There’s even an endowment from an alumus (or is it alumna?) for an annual Strawberry Fest. (Think heaps and heaps of fresh local strawberries with every condiment and accompaniment imaginable.) Anyway, point is, every student should have access to fresh, nutritious and tasty food and I’m glad you’re working on that. I’m also glad you got your tofu fix.

  3. Twitter lies. Apparently I live under a rock because I had no idea about Oprah going vegan until everyone (specifically Hangry Pants Heather) started blogging about it.

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