Caturday 2/5/11

Weaz is giving me the stink eye

Oh woe is me. I got drunk as a skunk last night and I don’t even get to wake up to a cat at my feet.

You did WHAT

I was surprised too, Ralph. I can safely say that I haven’t been that drunk in… years. Years. It’s also the only time some poor fool has picked up our $160 tab. Aaaahaha.

Disapproving Ralph.

I used to have respect for you.

This weekend was an excellent idea, but it is definitely lacking some animals. (Although we did see a FRIGGING BEAR last night.) Good thing I had a photo shoot with our zoo before leaving.

Ralph looks amazing like this

Weaz can't touch my lint-rolled coat


Speaking of Waldo, he’s our dog now. Stew’s dog, I guess. Our dog, yes.

Old man Waldo

I hesitate to call him mine because two things that are mine don’t quite approve…


So I have to choose my words wisely. Because Ralph and Weaz read this. Obviously. And how could I betray this little face?


We’re off to do nothiiiiiing. I’m not even hungover! Best.night.ever.

4 thoughts on “Caturday 2/5/11

  1. HOORAYYYY for waldo! ralph and weaz will come around. poor waldo doesn’t look like he could stand up to the two of them.

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