Falafel Burger Salad

Sunshine falafel burger salad

I’m a big fan of a big salad. I just can’t think of anything better than the combination of cool, crunchy raw vegetables and something warm like a bean burger. It’s the best.

Throw in some dark red kidney beans (be still, my heart), mountains of shredded carrots and homemade honey mustard, and you’ve got yourself a damn meal.

Today’s salad was unexpectedly enjoyed in the comfort of my own home. I trotted off to school this morning ready for a class, a test, a 1/2 day of work and another class, but my boss instructed me to use my afternoon to study for tomorrow’s test (it never ends). Happy day! [In my defense, I'm not skirting work. I had gone in to work extra to gear up for an event we have in two weeks. He shooed me away.]

So the afternoon has taken a delightful turn for the awesome, and I’m about to hunker down and study clinical nutrition before breaking for a class field trip to the Catwaba Indian Reservation. My community nutrition professor is the reservation’s full-time RD during the day so she’s taking us out to see what she does. I love field trips…

And she said we’ll get to eat traditional food–three sisters stew and cornbread. She had me at cornbread. And stew.

2 thoughts on “Falafel Burger Salad

  1. LOVE getting shooed out of work. I totally feel you on that. My boss has us leaving an hour early every day this week so that we actually have time to eat dinner before we have to be back for the show. When she said that I hugged her and teared up. Foooooooood

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