Caturday 2/12/11

With love, Weaz

Happy Almost-Valentine’s-Day Caturday! Valentine’s Day is actually one of my favorite holidays despite a rather dramatic display of immaturity on twitter last week:

Not true

I was just grumpy. Forgive me, Valentine’s Day, for you are among my most favorite days all year. I don’t know why I like it so much, but since childhood it’s been right up there with Halloween. Probably because my mom is really good at holidays and also because I like the mandatory universal kindness instated in elementary school classrooms where every single child gets the same number of valentines in their doily- and heart-adorned shoeboxes-turned-mailboxes. Was decorating your Valentine shoebox not the greatest class period of the year? (Second only to the Halloween party, obviously, which I’m told they no longer do in public schools.)

All this to say, I do like this holiday. And I can tell the cats do, too, because they’re behaving strangely.

Making progress

Ralph got this close to Waldo earlier in the week. Progress! Last night someone asked me if I like having a dog and I said yes BUT it stresses me out that I’m stressing the cats out. Can’t we all just get along?


Weaz isn’t so good at Valentine’s day. She’s greedy and wants all the cards for herself…


She does keep asking me to be her Valentine, though…

How 'bout now?

And tried to deliver herself as a gift.

I'm yours?

Sorry, Weaz. I’m taken. Maybe Waldo will be your Valentine?

Hey, behbeh.

Love meeeee

Oh sorry, it would appear Waldo is taken, too.

Not staged.

My mom has this awesome tradition of giving us clothes on Valentine’s Day. It’s just far enough away from Christmas to warrant some new things and close enough to spring to make those things cute and un-wintery.

H&M tanktop and skirt

H&M dress, Kohl's belt

Ralph, Weaz, Katie, Stew and Waldo

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  2. I’m a cat person that suddenly wanted a dog once married. Turns out, I LOVE our dog. But the cats still hate her after 7 months. I hate that they hate her. I keep hoping it will get better once she’s completely past puppy-dom. Your cats are making far greater progress than mine.

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