Outside Time


The weather in South Carolina has been beautiful… lovely… perfect. We’ve had the windows open (glorious), and I even slipped away to eat lunch outside earlier this week.

Quinoa, broccoli, green beans, kidney beans

Overly dramatic vegetable shot


Does anyone else get severely depressed during the winter? Lord Stew knows I do. I’m unbearable from about November to now. The temperature has hovered just under 80 degrees the past few days and I could not be happier. I got sunburned today. In February. Sunburned in February and not on vacation somewhere tropical. Yes. I’ll take it. [Sunburns are bad, but good weather is... good.]

4 thoughts on “Outside Time

  1. Omigahhh, take me to where you are! I would die for sunshiney goodness! Slash I would not mind a sunburn right now, not gonna lie.

    I always get severely depressed in the winter! SAD or seasonal affective disorder..you know the thang

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