Perfect Weekend. Period.

Perfect lunch.

What a perfect weekend we had here in South Carolina. It ended abruptly at 5:30 this morning when I awoke–refreshed and recharged–to make my trek to Charlotte for yoga, but it’s another perfect spring day, another 24 brand new hours to be alive and I feel good.

Yesterday was so nice. We did a trial run setting up my hammock at my brother’s house:

This will be my home for a week

I’ll be living in that bad boy for a week out in the rural boonies of Nicaragua. It’s really very comfortable and surprisingly easy to set up. Thank you to my parents for this! It was one of my Christmas presents. (I’m hosting a bake sale fundraiser for my trip on Thursday 3/3. Please support it if you can.)

After that we took Waldito to the park:

Hooray for the park

Happy old man

We rounded out the day with pizza and the Oscars:

I'd like to thank the Academy... and Trader Joe's

Sunday is quickly becoming pizza night in our house. I’m good with that. PS – I had four pieces, not two.

You know something exciting? Now that the weather is nice and the windows are open, Weaz has been tormented by this wee tiny little bird that sits and taunts her from a tree. Turns out that little nugget is about to be a momma nugget because she’s been busy constructing this:


Enjoy your Monday!

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