4th Time’s a Pancake

Banana Bread Waffles

It’s rare that I feel like I have any time to sit back and actually enjoy my weekends. I usually barrel through full speed ahead on to Monday. It’s also rare, unfortunately, that I feel like I am able to do special little things for Stew–like botch batch after batch of waffles and then make him eat them.

For some reason, I’ve never made a waffle. I mean… I stood watch as a child when my mom did it, but I, Katie Levans, have never prepared a waffle from scratch with my own two hands. Today was the day.

I followed a recipe from Mark Bittman’s How to Make Everything Vegetarian… except I made it vegan. Things were going well but then this happened:

1st time

2nd time

You know how they say 3rd time’s a charm? Well…

3rd time

You know what I say?

4th time's a damn pancake.

Forget you, waffle maker.

We still ate the remnants.

Good enough is good enough

4 thoughts on “4th Time’s a Pancake

  1. Waffle makers have a light that goes off and the waffles are done. Easy. The hard part is not lifting the lid before the light goes off. Try again.

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