Caturday 3/5/11

Weaz will eat your soul

I can’t believe it’s taken me a year and a half of Caturday posts to realize it has the word turd right in the middle of it. How very fitting.

Ralph and Weaz would like to thank everyone who bid on their “special” catnip-laced treats in the Thursday’s bake sale. Paige, I hope you’re ready for what’s to come…


Unfortunately, the little turds waited until last night to tell me they don’t really know how to make the treats they auctioned off. So it looks like that duty will fall to me. Also, I cannot tell you how hard (and how long) I laughed when Stew sent me the picture above for the bake sale. I’d emailed him the original asking: “Can you put some chef hats on these fools?” And that’s what I got back. So funny.

Notice how Ralph is a hefty 10 pounds heavier by now? She was post-partum (and post-surgery) depressed in that picture…

Now she's fat, happy and eats at the table

Don’t worry, Weaz gets her share of food, too…

Izzat... broccoree??

Weaz’s favorite food is definitely bread. My roommate Lindsay and I used to find wee little baby Weaz tooth punctures in our bread bags if we left them on the counter.

And just in case anyone thinks I’m a little too crazy about cats, a person who did this exists:


Someone loves their cats so much they felt it necessary to add an “S” to the image of a single cat to make it plural. I hope someone in Charlotte knows whose van this is because I would like to meet this person.

PS – Have you seen the Fancy Feast Engagement Commercial? It takes crazy to a whole new level…

Heeeeere's Waldo

7 thoughts on “Caturday 3/5/11

  1. Weaz must have channeled Oscar last week. We’ve had him for 8 months and our bread sat on top of the fridge untouched. I come home from work last Tuesday to see the brand new loaf of bread on the floor with a bite mark on every. Single. Posisble. Square inch. I couldn’t help but laugh. Now we have to hide the bread. I put the end piece in a baggy and I let Oscar bat that around to distract him while I make my PB & J in the morning.

  2. I know that van! I actually got my cat from her. Her name is Mary and she rescues cats and then adopts them out. I found my cat at the pet care store by the Trader Joe’s – she brings the cats up on the weekends in hopes of someone falling in love (like I did!). I love that you put her sticker on your site!!!

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