Food Coma Recovery


After last night’s extreme gluttony, I woke up feeling like I’d been on a heavy bourbon binge. Really, I only had… five drinks. And three were part of a tasting flight of wine. But I’m not the drinker I once was, oh no. So what I needed today was to go heavy on water, tea and vegetables and light on sugar, salt and alcohol (obviously).

Lots of tea

Smoothie cures what ails me

[Please behold baby Weaz watching in wonder as I eat this smoothie in a bowl. It is incredible. I've watched that video at least one thousand times today. Worth it.]

I studied approximately one billion hours today and still feel like I know nothing that needs to be known for my two tests this week. I think I’m distracted by my looming departure date for Nicaragua (seven days, yes yes y’all).

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