Caturday 3/12/11

Good day, Weaz.

Happy Caturday from ATL! I insist on at least catching the vows at my good friend’s wedding so I’m compounding the stress of my Nicaragua trip by tacking on an extra 1o-hour roundtrip adventure to Atlanta. We’ll be there barely 24 hours. Good work, Katie.

Ralph and Weaz are pissed, of course.

I can't even look at you

Your soul, I crush it

You need zis book? Sorry.

I will miss my nightly family dinners with these two and Stew:


But I shall return with many tales to tell around the table.

Waldo remains unmoved by my departure:

Weeeee. PET ME

And he’ll be going on a roadtrip with Stew:

Sitting: You're doing it wrong.

Ralph and Weaz will also be holding down the blog while I’m gone. Here’s hoping the censor themselves…

Haaaaha, in the guestbook at Amelie's...

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