Well, SB&J...

Here’s a delightful little breakfast I probably wish I was eating right this very second. At this point–assuming I raised enough money and woke up on time today–I should be well on my way to Nicaragua. Probably sitting in Miami waiting on a flight, in fact…

Odds are I’m exhausted and cranky and hungry as hell. And odds are there is nothing good to eat in the airport. Man, I wish I had a PB&J-sadilla about now.

Of course, it would actually be made with sunflower butter since this is what Stew has been eating by the jarful the past two months. I’m not complaining.


While this would be lovely, yes, what I need right now is probably a piece (or 12) of fruit considering I’ll be subsisting on beans, rice and more tortillas than I can stand for the next week. (Seriously, that’s all we’re eating.)

God help my innocent travel companions when hungry Katie rears her ugly head.

See you in Nicaragua! You better believe I pre-posted enough content to get the blog through the week. Caturday and all. Who do you think I am?

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