Cadbury (Not Creme) Eggs

Cadbury mini eggs

I may take some heat for this (especially this time of year) but Cadbury creme eggs are… disgusting.

What, pray tell, is at all appealing about a gloppy, sticky, overly sweet mess of goo that is gross on taste alone but whose appearance is equally as off putting?


Truly, you’ll sooner catch me popping Peeps before you’ll see me suck down a revolting Cadbury creme egg. My brother loves Cadbury creme eggs–loves them–and Peeps, too, for that matter. These fools even stuffed a creme egg inside a Peep.

Oh, the humanity.

Me? You won’t find me anywhere near a damn Cadbury creme egg. Ever. I do, however, enjoy a nice big handful of Cadbury mini eggs–solid milk chocolate in a thin sugar shell.

Yes. Approved.

When is Easter anyway?

14 thoughts on “Cadbury (Not Creme) Eggs

  1. Easter is the last Sunday of April…

    And Cadbury Creme Eggs…ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVE! My weakness. The original. I don’t like the whole snicker or reeces take on my Cadbury egg.
    Peeps on the other hand. Ack.

  2. “I may take some heat for this (especially this time of year) but Cadbury creme eggs areā€¦ disgusting.”

    I thought they were repulsive growing up, but I am so wholly, completely, madly, and deeply in love with them now. Hand to God, they might be my favorite candy, period…a battle to the death with Jelly Bellys, maybe.

    I didn’t like mayo growing up either, and now I find it indispensable.

    I have no problem with Peeps although I don’t ever buy them myself. Why? Cadbury creme eggs exist.

    • I meant to write that in such a way that my childhood dislike for mayo and creme eggs would be related, but instead it just comes across as the most random aside ever. That’s okay.

  3. I am beyond in love with those mini sugar shell covered milk chocolate cadbury eggs. LOVE. I find it dangerous enough that they’re in the store from Valentines through Easter, but if they were available year round I would be broke.

  4. Ha,ha… my boyfriend recently asked me “So, just how many Cadbury Creme Eggs am I allowed to buy for you this year?” (They used to be my fave, and I think he probably bought me about a dozen of them last year). For the record – I told him one. That I *might* eat. *Might*.
    I don’t generally eat crap like that anymore – or much candy at all. (I will eat Dark Chocolate, at least 65%/70%+, with sea salt please!).
    But yeah, I might eat one Creme Egg this year. Yum.


  5. Easter is 4/24 – and 4/25 is Half Price Candy Day (provided there’s any left over).

    Mini Eggs are my favorite, but I can’t get a big bag because I will eat them all in one sitting. So addictive. And I only only only like Creme Eggs when the center is gooey. If it’s even remotely starting to harden, no thanks! Peeps = yuck, except for the snowmen ones at Christmas melting in hot cocoa (I may or may not say “I’m melting, melting, melting…” each time I have it…).

  6. I think if I could have an affair with one piece of candy, it would be the Cadbury Creme Egg. My parents typically give my sister and I Creme Eggs and Caramel Eggs and then Hannah gives me all the creme ones and I give her all the caramel ones. It’s a good bartering system.

    Peeps are revolting.

  7. Forget the Cadbury cream eggs or even the mini chocolate ones. CRUNCH BAR EGGS ARE WHERE IT’S AT!!! Thank you for reminding me that I need to get to a store and get these STAT. Don’t worry, I will send a box of all the wrappers for Stew to sprinkle around your house so that it will be like I never left.

  8. I feel the same way. Cadburry creme eggs are to sweet and u can feel the sugary grit in them. I also hate peeps for that same reason. Mini-eggs i can get down with though. I actually look forward to this time of the year specifically for them. Fun post

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