Veggie Sandwich 101


Finding a quality vegetarian sandwich that’s filling (but not made entirely of cheese), tastes good (and isn’t made entirely of cheese) and is actually made of vegetables (imagine!) is not always easy when dining out. You’ll generally find the usual suspects–tomato/basil, grilled cheese and PB&J–but a real vegetarian sandwich requires a bit more effort.

Although Subway is laughing all the way to the bank charging you $5 for a sandwich composed of toppings that are usually free on their other offerings, a vegetarian sandwich that’s truly worth a shit is a big deal and not something to be taken lightly. You can scour the restaurants in your area for something more than sub-standard but I’ve found you’re better off making vegetarian sandwiches in your own kitchen. After all, they’re cheaper this way and are easily packed and portable in seconds.

Only good will come of this...

By about 10 o’clock this morning I was craving the sandwich to end all sandwiches. I wasn’t quite sure what this would be but I knew I wouldn’t find it in Rock Hill, SC. So I surveyed the contents of my fridge, picked up what was lacking (uh… bread and PICKLES) and got to work. Hey, if I want lunch at 10:45am I’m gonna eat lunch at10:45am.

The success or failure of a vegetarian sandwich hinges on the perfect, delicate balance of just enough:

  • filling protein
  • flavorful fat
  • chewy bread
  • crunchy raw vegetables

Pickles are required and the bread should be lightly spritzed with olive oil, toasted and lightly sprinkled with salt and pepper.

1 - Stew's pizza hummus; fat, flavor, binder

2 - Tomatoes; texture, flavor, nutrients

3 - Pickles; salt, crunch, rainbows, unicorns

4 - Lettuce (romaine); crunch, filler, greeeen

5 - Tempeh; protein

6 - Avocado; fat, flavor, Jesus

7 - Yellow pepper; crunch, color, nutrients

8 - Carrots; because they should go on everything

Any questions?

7 thoughts on “Veggie Sandwich 101

  1. Stew, I would like to place an order for one jar of Pizza Hummus and one jar of Regular Hummus and one jar of Salsa. Send me the bill. Wait, what? You haven’t started that business yet. DO IT. I PAY YOU GREEN DOLLARS

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