Smoothie in a Hurry

Hello, beautiful.

I like a lot of bad reality television (no, I did NOT catch the season finale of Jersey Shore last night so do not say a word), so much so that I have decided to give up television entirely for the month of April. It’s part of lululemon Charlotte’s Commit 30 initiative and I’m really looking forward to it. Stew is even in on it and has agreed to cancel our cable. So who wants to hang out with us? We have all kinds of free time now…

Not all that has come from my reality TV habit has been bad. In fact, my commitment to prepare and eat a wholesome meal no matter how busy I am or how late I’m running (uh, 5 minutes behind right now…) comes from Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel. Pre-Housewives days, Bethenny competed on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice (that existed… truth) and in her book Naturally Thin she talks about how the other contestants lived on energy shots and candy bars but that she made a point to prepare three meals a day every day. I like that.

So here is my healthy meal this morning. It through my schedule off a wee bit but I like to think it was worth it.

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