Caturday 3/26/11


Happy Caturday to all. We have had a pretty uneventful week over here. I ignored life as I know it, bailed on most of my responsibilities and didn’t even manage to take many cat pictures in my “free” time.

Photograph me.

She’s not supposed to be on the table, you know. But I just don’t have the heart to spray her in the face with the water bottle. That’s Stew’s job.

Pets are hard… training them and cleaning up poops and whatnot. I had this¬†epiphany¬†the other night as I was pulling up to my house… It was that I am in no way at all ready for children at all because as I was parking I was thinking, “Please don’t let the animals bother me the second I walk in the door.” I knew this wish was futile and, sure enough, there they were sitting so close to do the door I couldn’t even open it. Just like always.

The cats are definitely the best adult decision I have made to date (I don’t make a lot of decisions, you see) and they bring me more joy than most humans I know. But sometimes… I just want Weaz to not yell at me when I come home. Is that so much to ask?

Oh hi. I was waiting for you so I can meow incessantly.

When I got home that night I realized I didn’t want the animals to bother me, they bothered me more than ever. They literally stood within three feet of me the entire night. To my right…

Pay attention to me.

To my left…


Ralph is a bit less needy on the independent-to-clingy-as-hell spectrum. Ralph and I have this mutual respect for each other’s time and energy (until she realizes she wants to go outside). Weaz… not so much. But I suppose that just as much as she meows and clings to me and really just won’t EVER shut the hell up, I am constantly petting her, scooping her up and rubbing my face in her stomach (what? I don’t do that).

So while the battle to be more annoying rages on with my pets, Stew has adopted a 10-year-old dog with built-in annoyance control that just sleeps all day.


He does, however, pee without warning. Like an old man. We’ll get him Depends…


3 thoughts on “Caturday 3/26/11

  1. Haha I could have written this. I wonder if I will ever be ready for children, because I often wish my dogs and husband would leave me alone, and let me sleep, and stop tripping me and making me fall down the stairs.

    “They” say selfishness goes away when one becomes a parent. I hope so. Until then, we’re diapering The Headless Hound, who also loses control of her bladder. Especially on our white sofa. Which is a dumb thing for us to own, what with two dogs.

  2. My cats do the same thing – they’re constantly there. But, I’ve figured out that usually they’re more perceptive than I am and realize that even when I don’t WANT them there, I NEED them there.

    And I don’t rub my face in Lovies belly either … :)

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