Sandwich Satchel

All wrapped up with a surprise inside

There’s something so satisfying about food wrapped up into a neat little satchel-esque parchment paper package.

I anticipated a rushed and unpleasant lunch for Friday since I’d be jetting straight from lab to an interview to volunteer work so I nipped that in the bud Thursday night by packing up a cute little lunch complete with parchment package tied with a bow.


Inside I had packed a tempeh sandwich with spinach, Stew’s pizza hummus (which he calls lasagna hummus) and avocado.

Tempeh, spinach, hummus, avocado

I curtailed the overnight browning of my avocado by mashing it with lime juice before spreading it on the sandwich. It turned a bit but not enough to make it inedible.

I ended up getting out of lab and hour early and was able to enjoy a nice leisurely lunch on the porch after all. I’m still glad I planned ahead and will probably be packing many parchment-wrapped sandwiches for the remaining four weeks of school that I can tell are plotting to steal my soul…

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