Caturday 4/2/11

I hope you didn't want this to never have hair on it...

It’s hangover central at Caturday headquarters. Weaz had one too many tequilas and things got a little out of hand…

Craaaaaazy bag time.

She was jealous of Stew’s tattoo…

I want one.

So she got a Stew-too of her own.

Also this.

Always the voice of reason, Ralph tried to get her alcoholic kitten under control.

And stay in there.

Don't come in. Weaz is puking.

And she was. She puked right into the sink…



Today she feels like this:

I need hashbrowns.

And has this to say:


I should be ashamed.

You know who’s never ashamed of anything?

This guy.


But you know who is very ashamed of everything? This hilarious guilty dog. If you haven’t seen that video, WATCH IT MOM.


If you’d like to support Weaz’s drunken ways, you can get one of these:

Viva la Weeeeeaz

Except you can’t really because they don’t exist. But they might if the people demand it.

8 thoughts on “Caturday 4/2/11

  1. Denver done it!!!!! I wish Juju had that face, then you would have never been blamed for the ceramic pumpkin incident. HA

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