And Then Some

Steamed tofu bowl

As my time here in Rock Hill comes to a close (I think?*), I’m trying really hard to climb my ass down the high horse I rode in on and appreciate the town for what it is. What it is, truth be told, is not much, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its charms. I used to be able to find the good in anything, especially new places. I haven’t given this city that chance. And so, as is customary in my life, I’ll not realize what I had until it’s gone. So here is one of my favorite things about Rock Hill: Thi’s on Main.

This is one of the first places I ate when I first got here and it gave me hope that I’d enjoy my new home. Sadly, school and schedules got the best of me and I haven’t been back as often as I’d like. And that’s a shame because dining at Thi’s is one of those uniquely local experiences you can’t get anywhere else. Thi is a gracious host and she treats her customers like family. She’ll say things like, “I’m so proud of you kids,” after we polish off a plate of lemongrass tofu that she brought by (on the house) just because she thought we’d like it.

As I tend to do, I got the steamed tofu bowl with rice noodles, carrots, daikon, sprouts and a vinegar sauce. “That’s a healthy meal you ordered, missy!”

Stew got the veggie fried rice and vegetable dumplings.

Veggie fried rice

Vegetable dumplings

I’m pretty sure that was the first dumpling I’ve ever had and I’d like to report that dumplings are:


She says people don’t believe her that the dumplings don’t have meat in them because they taste so good.

And that was the extent of our order. But, as she tends to do, Thi started hauling out more food for us. “No charge!” she’ll yell as she bustles back to the kitchen to grab something else.

So we had our orders…

... and then some lemongrass tofu...

... and then some homemade cake...

... and then some tea.

It was twice the amount of food we’d usually order for half the price.

And that, my friends, is not so bad.

*So wait… are we moving to Charlotte? Short answer: I don’t know. Long answer… too long.

4 thoughts on “And Then Some

  1. Yes!!!

    Also: I’m back at Bar Method (working around pulled tendons and ligaments from falling down the stairs, TWICE), and about died doing a minute of plank tonight. HOLLER at your 2:30+ plank!!!!!!!!!! Damn girl!

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