Caturday 4/9/11


Happy gorgeous Caturday. Let’s make this quick so I spend every second of the day outside…

Look who it is! A Ralph! It’s rare that I “feature” Ralph on the “cover” of Caturday (who would buy this if it were in print?? EVERYONE) because it’s near impossible to capture a decent photo of her. She’s always doing this:

Oh HEY. You're taking a picture? PET ME

This one is pretty glorious:

The majestic Ralph moved delicately across the floor.

Finally a winner:


Weaz, as we all know, is a much easier photo target. She’s always… everywhere. Staring blankly.

Here I am. I pooped in yer toilet.

Me again. Just watchin you sleep.

Want a cuddle?

Found yer weights!

She’s not always this easy to find though. And when I can’t find her… watch out. It’s panic mode times a billion. Like, the kind of panic mode where I frantically dig through the dryer to make sure she’s not in there.

But usually it just ends like this:

Oh dear sweet Jesus WHERE IS WEAZ


5 thoughts on “Caturday 4/9/11

  1. under the covers is the FIRST spot i look when i can’t find my kitty. she loves it under there…especially in the winter months. she’s weird!

  2. I love that you do this, I read so many blogs that have dogs all over them (not that that’s bad!) I think our cats are so much funnier than dogs :P I try to sneak my cats onto my blog as much as I can!

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