Caturday 4/16/11

Hey Weaz

Happy Caturday: Tax Edition! If you waited until the last minute to file (or filed a million years ago and waited until the last day to actually pay, like I did), then Weaz would like to extend to you an offer of her accounting services.

Spreadsheets. Meetings. Jargon.

She charges 100 cans of Friskies turkey shreds with cheese but don’t worry, she’ll just pull it out of your return. How convenient!

x 100

In other news, we had a very, very exciting visitor re-enter our lives this week. I know what you’re thinking: Richard? Slice? John Kerry the Winning Cat? None of the above! Unfortunately, Ralph and Weaz haven’t made as many friends as they had in Greenville (and, uh, Stew and I haven’t either).

But Ralph does have one tried and true friendship that was put to the test back in October when I, uh, lost him…


Stew bought Federico for Ralph sometime last year, I guess. She and Weaz never take interest in toys (unless they’re bathed in catnip) but for some reason Ralph took a liking to Feddy the ferret. She fell into a depression and wouldn’t eat when he went missing last year but he came back pretty quickly. Then, about six months ago he mysteriously disappeared again. The horror!

You know where he’s been for six months? In a lululemon bag. In my closet. What? I can only assume Weaz put him in there. She’s the one who gets in bags. At any rate…


And it feels so good

Weaz is only mildly interested in Federico.


Because she was too busy doing this:


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