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Julie's banana cupcake chicks

What a glorious day it has been. It started with yoga followed by the Charlotte Clean Green Festival followed by the first meeting of the Charlotte Food Bloggers. Julie and Taylor (two bloggers who receive sufficient stalking from me on a daily basis) put the event together and I was damn near giddy to get an invite. I love food, you see.

We met up at Park Road Park for a little nerdy blog talk and a lot of food.


Bliggidy bloggers

If you are a friend/spouse/parent/boyfriend/etc. of a food blogger and can’t figure out why we constantly want to hang out with other food bloggers, consider this: You know how people with kids start hanging out exclusively with other people with kids? It’s because that’s all they talk about. There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, they face the same challenges. They can pool their knowledge together. They learn from each other. They challenge each other. And they can talk about poop.

It’s almost the same with food bloggers (minus the poop… sometimes?) because our blogs are our babies. You see? We want to help them thrive, make them the best they can be and (sometimes) brag about them too. So the next time your eyes glaze over as that special food blogger in your life rambles on about lighting and aperture and salt varieties, buy them a ticket to the nearest food conference. You’ll be glad you did.

You know how we do.

As is to be expected, the food was insane. As was not to be expected (down here in the dirty South and all), a lot of the food was vegetarian/vegan. Win!

Oh happy day.

I’m pretty sure that: Brooke made the pizza bread, Julia made the vegan quiches, Diana made the quinoa salad… but who made the panzanella?? It was awesome.

In addition, I ate a chocolate cookie from Lindsay, my own chocolate banana sunflower butter blondies (don’t judge me) and (AND) a little chick cupcake from Julie.

It doesn’t end there. The Southern Cake Queen cupcake truck was there.

Cupcake truck!

Apparently everyone else already knew this existed or something because I was the only one who flew off the picnic table like a kid chasing down the icecream man. Oops.

I love today.

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